The Hall of Honor

Building a Legacy for the Future

The Clearwater Bombers’ Legacy Project in 2012 after Bomber reunions were instituted in 2009 by Dean Robinson.  The goal of this  was to open a museum and promote their  history. Subsequently, after discussions with City personnel, ASA/USA Softball officials, coaches, media, and former Bomber players and fans, it was determined that we seek a more logistical location such as the “epicenter” now of softball, named after former Bomber and City Recreation Director, Eddie C. Moore.  This venue is much more conducive to promoting sports history of Clearwater, in particular, the 60 years of the Clearwater Bombers.

Within the Hall of Honor in the museum, have your name or that of someone you wish to honor, engraved on a symbolic commemorative brick.  These are also an excellent way to commemorate a loved one or a friend.  The cost of each brick is $150.00 and will be added to the building fund.  The bricks will be appropriately displayed within the Hall of Honor of the museum.

DESIGNATED HITTER: For larger donations.

Funds raised through the sale of the commemorative bricks will help pay for the restoration of the buildings. Please help us Leave a Legacy for the future!

The Clearwater Bomber Legacy Education Project a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation whose purpose is to honor, promote, educate, preserve, and support the Clearwater Bombers.