Bobby Forbes Awards

One of the most outstanding athletes to ever grow up in the Tampa Bay area earned a roster spot with the Clearwater Bombers at the age of 14. Bobby Forbes, an outfielder, was very fast and he could hit the long ball. He was the youngest player to ever compete with the Bombers. His left-handed power hitting earned him the nickname of “The Home Run King.”

He was named to the Amateur Softball Association All-America team three times-1951, 1953, and 1956. In the ’56 national championship tournament, Forbes batted .471 against the game’s best pitchers to lead all hitters. Forbes was elected to the ASA Hall of Fame in 1966, the second member of the Bombers to receive the honor.

Forbes also excelled in other sports. He was a great halfback for the Clearwater High School Tornadoes and went on to play college football with the University of Florida Gators. He led the Gator team in scoring in 1947. He was named all-SEC during his time in Gainesville. Forbes also played baseball for Florida.

Forbes died of cancer in 1975. For several years The Clearwater Sun newspaper sponsored an award each season for the most valuable player on the Bomber squad. The award was named after Forbes.

By Mike Moore

Honoring Hustle, Spirit, & Sportsmanship

1975 Bobby Quinn
1976 Vic Poe
1977 Buck Delatorre
1978 Buck Delatorre
1979 Gary Kane
1980 Leon Wood
1981 David Grimes
1982 Danny Boyd
1983 Mike Hazel
1984 Joe Westmoreland
1985 Ray Truluck
1986 Wayne Vigil
1987 Boomer Brush
1988 Bruce Turner
Buck De La Torre,  1978
Bruce Turner,  1988
Buck De La Torre, two time winner
Boomer Brush  1987
Joe Westmoreland  1984
Mike Hazel  1983
David Grimes  1981
Leon Wood, 1980
Danny Boyd Bobby Forbes Award 1982