The 200 Club – Elite Group Has Made Memories of 60 years.

One of the greatest accomplishments a fast pitch softball player can say is that he played for the Clearwater Bombers. From 1940 – 2000, just over 200 men have worn the famous red, white, and blue of the Bombers. A list has been compiled of those players who have brought so many great memories to fans everywhere fast pitch is played.

These men came from throughout the world despite a local flavor each team. They came in different sizes, ages, and colors. One played at the age of 14 while another competed at 61.

In addition to many team honors these players brought to the Bombers, individual awards came to quite a few. Many on this list earned ASA All – American status, ISC All-World plaques, several played on the US Pan-Am team, many won All-Southern Regional awards, MVP’s and Outstanding Pitcher trophies in various tournaments, league all-star awards and The Bobby Forbes team MVP awards. Twenty-three are in the ASA Hall of Fame, one is All- World representing his profession and community, and one is in the Florida Sports Hall of Fame.

Many of these men no longer live in the Clearwater area and several are deceased. Fans who know current addresses, emails or phone numbers of those on the list and those not, contact the Bomber office at 727-442-6981 or utilize the contact sheet on our website.

Harold Adams
Jim Alderman
Loran Algar
Rick Allen
Bill Allen (coach)
Bobby Alonso
Jim Amerson
Brian Banes
Ollie Barker
Fabian Barlow
Larry Barnes
Gene Barr
Bill Bearden
Don Benedict
Red Bert
Wally Blackburn
Greg Bollinger
Ray Bond
Ed Boyachek
Danny Boyd
Spud Braund
Mark Brayfield
Murray Britt
Jerome Brockelhurst
Hank Brown
Randy Brown
Boomer Brush
Buck Buchanan
Glenn Cain
Tom Cavallaro
David Chaney
John Chesnut
Royal Church
Ben Cole
Chuck Coller
Tom Conard
Murray Cook
Billy Cooper
Brad Courtney
Leon Crain
Bobby Curtis
Jerry Curtis
Dennis Davis
Buck De La Torre
Tom Dees
Wayne Dees
Denver Dixon
Herb Dudley
David Dudley
Harwell Dunn
Tim Dunn
Jim Ellis

Todd Emery
Ken Eriksen
Joe Everett (player and manager)
Eloy Fernandez
Tim Fleig
Buddy Floyd
Bobby Forbes
Farrel Forbes
Vinny Fusari
Mike Gaiger
Craig Gieseke
Palmer Gilpin
Gary Glover
Mitch Gray
Vaughan Gray
Ron Griffon
David Grimes
Myron Guthrie
Chris Haley
Harry Hancock
Joe Haney
Weldon Haney
Howard Hankey
Ken Hart
Mitch Harter
Dave Hartman
Kevin Harvey
Mike Hazel
Jody Henningar
Jeff Herman
Larry Hill
Ray Hlad
John Hoffman
Clint Holden
Sonny Hornbeck
Mark Hoyer
Herb Hunt
John Hunter
Troy Hutchinson
Perry Johnson
Bill Justice
Barry Kahler
Clair Kane
Gary Kane
Eddie King
Chip Kunnen
Bobby Kuykendall
Mike Larabee
Vic Leide
Joe Lewis
Rocky Long

Joe Lopez
Joe Lynch
Sam Lynch
Andy Marston
Doug Mason
Ron Mason
Bill Massey
Barney McCall
Dickie McClarnand
Paul McMullen
Don McQuinn
Hank McWhorter
Avon Meacham
Cody Meads
Don Mesick
Dwayne Miller
Ray Mink
Mike Mink
Hank Moore
John Moore
Chili Moore
Eddie Moore
Tommy Moore
Andy Nall
Buster Narum
Steve Neilsen
Dan Neimi
Bob Nepote
P.J Nunez
Marshall O’Shields
Hal Oliver
Lou Orihuela
Ron Osborne
Ron Overcash
Gerald Overcash
Ken Overcash
Martin Padgett
Dick Paparo
Bill Parker
Art Pennefield
Mark Perkins
Charlie Pike
Vic Poe
Ed Porcelli
Mike Porcelli
Pete Porcelli Jr.
Steve Price
Bobby Quinn
Shay Reddick
Al Repetto
Bill Revels (coach)
Ed Riddell

Rocky Rockamora
Dick Rogero
Jack Russell
Nick Russo
Rich Ryals
Rob Scheller
Joe Scott
Jim Sever
Red Sherrer
Shaun Simon
Joe Smith
Dave Smith
Todd Smith
Ray Snyder
Wayne Spanton
Buck Speed
Bobby Spell
Bobby Sprentall
Dennis Stillwell
Mike Sullivan
Al Summerford
John Tasker
Bob Thayer
Gene Tichenor
John Tidd
Rickey Tomlinson
Junie Trombly
Ray Truluck
Roasty Truluck
Bruce Turner
Bing Tyus
Dan Ulrich
Gene Usmiller
Al Varnum
David Velazquez
Wally Vernasco
Jim Videtich
Wayne Vigil
Greg Wagner
Frank Walther (coach)
Ron Weathersby
Bruce Westbrook
Joe Westmoreland
Carter Whelppley
Nolan Whitlock
Stan Winkie
Leon Wood
Ed Wright
Dave Yanez
Buster Zeigler
Steve De Monico

The 200 Club March 3, 2017