Fact One

Only 4 times has a team gone through the ASA NATIONAL FASTPITCH TOURNAMENT without being scored on. The Bombers did it three times, 1950, 1957, 1968. The 1950 team went through district, state, regionals, and National Tournament without allowing a run.

Fact Two
At the 1968 National Tournament, the Bombers were unscored on, and their pitchers did not walk a batter. Weldon Haney won the MVP, pitched a perfect game in the finals,and scored the game’s only run.

Fact Three

For two seasons, in 1964 & 1965, the Bombers played in the tough Atlantic Seaboard League. They won it both years. The following 2 or 3 seasons, they played in the Southern Major League and won the title every year.

Fact Four

The Bombers have played in the ISC WORLD. They also have played in the AAU TOURNAMENT and PIONEER DAYS TOURNAMENT. The Bombers have won the BLUE GRAY TOURNAMENT 6 times.

Fact Five

The Bombers have been selected to tour Puerto Rico & Cuba representing the USA.

Fact Six

The Bombers were the Pan American TEAM IN THE 1960’S AND WON THE TITLE.

Fact Seven

The Bombers got their 4,000 victory in 1997, they played until 2000.

Fact Eight

1940 on an April evening, Herb Dudley pitches the first ever game for the Bombers a win over Dunedin.

Fact Nine

BOBBY FORBES was the youngest Bomber, he played at 14 years old.

Fact Ten

Rita Garvey, Mayor “It is gratifying to have the Bombers represent Clearwater in their travels for district, state, regional, and National Tournaments. I encourage our citizens to support the team that has represented Clearwater for the past 40 years.

Fact Eleven

The Bombers have had 5 MVP’S  of the Nat’l Tournament, JOHN HUNTER 1955, HERB DUDLEY 1957, WELDON HANEY 1962-1965-1968.

Fact Twelve

The Bombers are america’s most successful athletic club with 58 winning seasons.

Fact Thirteen

The 1968 Nat’l Tournament held in Clearwater was a Bomber show from the start to finish. Pitchers King & Haney went through the entire event without allowing a run or walking a batter. Haney won the MVP by winning the batting crown, throwing a perfect game, & scored the winning run as the home team beat California.

Fact Fourteen

In 1989 Bruce Turner ‘s three run home run in the 11 inning gives the Bombers a 3-0 win over host team Green Bay in Kimberly, Wis. as a crowd of 8000 pulled for the home team.