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Evolution of Legacy Project


The Evolution of The Clearwater Bombers’ Legacy Project

In March of 2009, Dean Robinson of the Clearwater Historical Society orchestrated the first Clearwater Bombers’ reunion in concert with city officials proclaiming “Clearwater Bomber Day.”   He began noting names, addresses, and phone numbers of the Bombers in attendance and had media personnel taking photos.  Each year, he compiled a list of new attendees and we noted on the list, the word deceased was becoming more prevalent and noticeable absenteeism at subsequent reunions.

Shortly after the March 2012 reunion, Wayne Dees and Gary Kane decided it was time to restore the Bomber Legacy before “Father Time” terminated it forever.  A few of us former players (Dees, Cooper , Videtich, and Kane) met in May of that year to discuss options to pay tribute to this once proud organization and honor the living before they join the ranks of our wonderful deceased players and supporters.  Thus, we decided to create a committee of dedicated folks that would carry the Bomber torch and had our first official meeting 8/11/12. Hence, the Clearwater Bombers World Class Fast Pitch Legacy Project Inc.  Committee was formed.  This legacy educational project is a 501 © 3, non-profit corporation whose purpose is to resurrect, restore, preserve, honor, educate and support the Clearwater Bombers’ legacy bestowed on the Clearwater Community for 60 years.  This will facilitate donations and contributions towards the museum and other projects.

In order to achieve this feat, we have to plan, organize, implement, and critique all aspects of our goals and objectives.  Thus, we partnered with the Clearwater Historical Society to embark on resurrecting the Bombers via a movie documentary production, publication, and ultimately, a cooperative museum.  The museum will house trophies, uniforms (Bombers and opponents), photos, newspaper articles along with other memorabilia from 1940-2000.  We hope to incorporate a small theatre within the museum to view our movie as well as 2 games featured on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, 1961 Bombers Vs. National All-Stars, and 1962 Championship Game Bombers vs. Stratford, Ct.  announcers being Carl Erskine, Jackie Robinson and Jim McKay.

We have begun scheduling Bombers Blasts at local restaurants to re-acquaint former players, family, fans, media and the community as a whole, enlightening them on our plans.  Currently, we are selling merchandise (ladies shirts, mens shirts, and hats)  and as soon as our website is implemented, more of a selection of  souvenirs will be available.  The Website will contain pages for each decade, photos, Bobby Forbes M.V.P. recipients, Hall of Famers, schedules of many years, merchandise, membership and donation/benefactor forms, upcoming events such as parades, fish fries, golf tournaments, community service, Bomber Blasts, reunions, memorial tributes, and all benefactors/donations will be recognized optimally via the website, publications and in many cases, plaques to be placed strategically within the museum. 

The real enthusiasm for this endeavor evolved when we video / interviewed many of our senior families for credible and accurate research lending to the validation of the Bomber history, which magnificent to say the least.  The knowledge gained and history behind the Bombers has reinforced and compelled us to fulfill this dream which can only be accomplished by a “total team” community effort and support.  We wish to welcome you aboard this wonderful dedication to a piece of Clearwater’s History.

Clearwater Bombers' Legacy Project Group.

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